Plata Network

Racing themed project built on MultiversX


Driving racing enthusiasm to the blockchain via

DeFi with NFTs, Staking, DAO, Trading, LPs and P2E

while preserving motorsport history. Race for $PLATA



$PLATA is an ESDT (eStandard Digital Token) and represents the utility token of Plata Network, being as fast, secure and scalable as the native $eGLD coin itself.

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Non-Fungible Tokens

We publish NFTs on MultiversX. Highly detailed hand drawn and AI artworks representing drivers, racing cars and motorsports related content are available on our platforms and on marketplaces. See also Digital Artifacts.

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Plata Power

The ESDT and NFTs are integrated into the Plata Power Play-to-Earn game. Explore more details about your Power and engage in the Race for $PLATA

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xPortal and Web Wallet

To access our platforms and other dApps on MultiversX, you will need a wallet. Download the Web Wallet to easily Send and Receive $PLATA. Download the xPortal mobile wallet, with multiple Coin and Token support. In both cases, it is very important to remember: NEVER SHARE YOUR 24 WORDS SECRET PHRASE, as it is the only way to interact with your personal non-custodial wallet.

xPortal Web Wallet