Cybers in Action

MultiversX NFT Project mixing amazing art, gameish vibes, rich lore, and passive income, Cybers in Action is one of our earliest partners, and our collaboration kept growing stronger over the years.

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Cyber Racers

NFT collection made out of 300 unique avatars. Community holders passive income offered via Staking for the first year. xArena integrated.

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Cybers v1 v2

These limited edition collections are manually handcrafted and the passion and vision of Cybers In Action are combined with strong influences from gaming and anime.

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Neon, Elemental Assassins

Elemental Assassins is a comic book series collection consisting of 8 unique characters, while the Neon Cybers is a 10K generative collection, facilitator of passive income phase 2 mechanism and the trigger for Metaverse kick-off.

Elementals Neon Cybers