AI Collection

2023 brought the first AI generated NFT collection, xPLATA, in the form of free community tribute drops. P2E Veteran.

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Generative Collection

The Drivers Generative was published in July 2022, and it was the first collection to be integrated into lite gaming. P2E Veteran.

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Hand Drawn Collection

High detailed hand drawn racing cars, futuristic drivers and several exclusives animate the V8 Collection. P2E/Stake Veteran.

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Inception Collections

The Driver, Legends and the Racing Collections form together the Plata Network Genesis. Hand drawn. P2E/Stake Veteran.

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Motorsports would not be possible without the skill and dedication of racing drivers. These legends are often seen as heroes and icons, pushing the limits of what is possible with a vehicle while facing immense physical and mental challenges on the track. Ambassadors for their sport, they are promoting the values of competition, sportsmanship, and perseverance. The motorsport legends meet the blockchain and become part of its history.



Circulating in a low supply, 24 and respectively 38 editions, these are amongst the very first NFTs minted on MultiversX. Highly collectibles.

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Cyber Racers

NFT collection in collaboration with Cybers in Action made out of 300 unique avatars. P2E/Stake Veteran.

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$PLATA Markets

Grow your Team by minting with $PLATA on the Plata Network Mint Shop. Go a step further and start trading your NFTs with $PLATA on Krogan.

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