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$PLATA is a eStandard Digital Token (ESDT) built on MultiversX, a high performance public blockchain, which is extremely secure, efficient, scalable, and interoperable. Powered by the revolutionary technology brought to the world by the Romanian team, $PLATA is as fast, secure and scalable as the native $eGLD coin itself. Trade it on One Dex and on xExchange for an immersive DeFi experience.

One Dex xExchange

Detailed information

Complete DeFi experience. Multiple dApps integration. Several token Burns occurred, reducing the supply from the maximum of 314,159,265 tokens to a more scarce total supply. The official token information can be found on the MultiversX Explorer, while the Manifesto provides detailed transactions history and roadmap milestones.

xExplorer Manifesto
Passive Income


Stake $PLATA to earn passive income in $PLATA. Add liquidity on One Dex and stake the LP token in the Dual Farms to earn $PLATA and $GCC.

$PLATA Stake LP Stake

$PLATA Accounts

$PLATA holding accounts can easily and transparently be found on the MultiversX Explorer and also on the peerme DAO platform.

peerme xExplorer

Price Charts

Hourly, daily, weekly $PLATA price charts offered by leading Crypto industry service providers.

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Price Charts

Hourly, daily, weekly $PLATA price charts offered by in-house MultiversX blockchain projects.

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