$PLATA is an MultiversX Standard Digital Token (ESDT) built on MultiversX, a high performance public blockchain, which is extremely secure, efficient, scalable, and interoperable. Powered by the revolutionary technology brought to the world by the Romanian team, $PLATA is as fast, secure and scalable as the native $eGLD coin itself, and it is listed on Maiar.exchange. Watch the video at the bottom of the page to see how easy it is to add $PLATA to DEX. In the beginning of Q3 2022 the first Token Burn occurred, 94,159,265 $PLATA were indefinitely removed from circulation, reducing the total supply to 220,000,000. Other Token Burning operations are scheduled. Please check the Manifesto for detailed information. The official information about the $PLATA Token ca be found here:

Total Supply
ESDT Ticker
Plata Network Price Charts (PLATA/USD)

Watch the video below to easily add $PLATA to Maiar Exchange