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$PLATA is a MultiversX Standard Digital Token (ESDT) built on MultiversX, a high performance public blockchain, which is extremely secure, efficient, scalable, and interoperable. Powered by the revolutionary technology brought to the world by the Romanian team, $PLATA is as fast, secure and scalable as the native $eGLD coin itself. Trade it on One Dex, Arda Board and add the Token Ticker in Settings on xExchange for an immersive DeFi experience: PLATA-9ba6c3

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Detailed information

Complete DeFi experience. Multiple dApps integration. Several token Burns occurred, reducing the supply from the maximum of 314,159,265 tokens to a more scarce total supply. The official token information can be found on the MultiversX Explorer, while the Manifesto provides detailed transactions history and roadmap milestones.

xExplorer Manifesto
Passive Income


Stake $PLATA to earn passive income in $PLATA. Add liquidity on One Dex and stake the LP token in the Dual Farms to earn $PLATA and $GCC.

$PLATA Stake LP Stake

$PLATA Accounts

$PLATA holding accounts can easily and transparently be found on the MultiversX Explorer and also on the peerme DAO platform.

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Price Charts

Hourly, daily, weekly $PLATA price charts offered by leading Crypto industry service providers.

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Price Charts

Hourly, daily, weekly $PLATA price charts offered by in-house MultiversX blockchain projects.

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$PLATA Markets

Grow your Team by minting with $PLATA on the Plata Network Mint Shop. Go a step further and start trading your NFTs with $PLATA on Krogan.

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