Web3 Club


Web3 Club ruled by 300 Prime and Standard NFT Droids, that have DAO Voting Power and can mine $GCC. Monthly Airdrops. Established MMXXI

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$GCC can be mined by Droids, and decisions regarding its Tokenomics are also Droid voted. Non-upgradable Token. Fixed supply. MultiversX Branded. The Councillors may have easier access to different communication channels, but club decisions are exclusively Droid voted.

$GCC Council


Mined or acquired, trade $GCC on the One Dex permissionless exchange. For a total true ownership experience, accumulate $GCC and hold strong this non-upgradable token in your non-custodial wallet. Stake LP for dual rewards. 100% Web3 tailored.

Trade $GCC Chart Stake LP


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