Plata Network is a racing themed project built on MultiversX, a high performance public blockchain, which is extremely secure, efficient, scalable, and interoperable. Pioneers since inception, we deployed for the first time on the MultiversX blockchain Smart Contracts to perform ESDT Stake, NFT Stake, purchase of an NFT with an ESDT, Music NFTs, etc. Breakthrough innovations at the time, standard requirements today for serious building projects. Gamification is enabled for the ESDT and NFTs.

Powered by the revolutionary technology brought to the world by the Romanian team, $PLATA is as fast, secure and scalable as the native $eGLD coin itself. Trade it freely on Arda and/or xExchange, add liquidity to the $PLATA/$eGLD pair pool, Stake it, Buy NFTs with, use it in the P2E. Enjoy a full DeFi experience.

Plata Network publishes NFTs exclusively on MultiversX. Highly detailed hand drawn and AI artworks representing drivers, racing cars and motorsports related content are available on our platforms and/or on the MultiversX marketplaces. Staking. Gamification. Collectibles. Art made with passion.

The ESDT and NFTs are integrated into the Plata Power Play-to-Earn game. Race for $PLATA

Q1 2021

The Plata Network Twitter profile account is created and we join CT

Community building

Q2 2021

Deep research and alignement to the MultiversX blockchain fundamentals

Q3 2021

$PLATA is created on the MultiversX blockchain. Maximum supply: 314,159,265

The first Private Sale takes part inside the Twitter Community

The GCC Private Club is created to give back to the early supporters of the project. As ESDT Staking wasn’t yet invented, the rewards were more than welcomed by holders. GCC activity is continuous since creation

The Driver NFT Collection is born, and pre-sale orders are accepted

The Token Sale process is automated with a Smart Contract and becomes public

Q4 2021

The first NFTs are minted on the blockchain using the Aerovek tools

Plata Network offers the first NFT giveaway on the MultiversX blockchain


All the NFTs ordered in pre-sales are sent to the new owners’ wallets. Plata Network
becomes the first project on the MultiversX blockchain to send out an NFT purchased in a
pre-sale – Transaction

Emoon was the first marketplace available for the MultiversX blockchain, and NFTs from the
Driver, Legends, Racing, and collaborations collections became available there

Use case for $PLATA is developed, and it becomes the first eligible ESDT to be Staked on the MultiversX blockchain – Transaction

$PLATA also becomes the first ESDT on Elrond that can be used to acquire NFTs with – Transaction

Plata Power, developed using the attributes of the owned NFTs, is deployed in December

$PLATA Standard Stake is also deployed in December

Q1 2022

Whitepaper release / Whitepaper sale

NFT Stake is developed and deployed on the MultiversX blockchain on February. Plata Network is the first project to deploy NFT Staking on MultiversX – Transaction

The first rewards from Staking an NFT on MultiversX are claimed – Transaction

MultiversX Exchange Listing – Twitter

MultiversX Team Announcement – Twitter

The V8 NFT Collection is announced, and made available on the Plata Mint Shop with $eGLD, $PLATA and $GCC – TwitterReddit

Cloud Minds is the first music album deployed on the MultiversX blockchain. Released
by/on Plata Network – ExplorerTwitterYouTube

Q2 2022

Preparation of the Drivers Generative NFT Collection, of the Car packs upgrade, of the Play-to-Earn game and of the Drivers Story. Preparation to take measures such as Token Burning and Liquidity Pool strengthening during the Crypto Winter collapse to keep $PLATA deflationary. Preparation of the DAO

Q3 2022

Drivers Story is released, available for free to enjoy the adventures of the Plata Drivers – Read

Car Packs upgrade is made available, NFTs ready to be integrated into the Plata Power Play-to-Earn

The Plata Power Play-to-Earn Game is deployed on the MultiversX blockchain. $PLATA ESDT and NFTs are integrated, offering you the possibility to earn $PLATA and explore the circuit zones of the Plata World by deploying your NFT Team. $PLATA becomes the first listed ESDT that can be earned by using your NFTs in another experience than NFT Staking on MultiversX – P2E

The Drivers Generative Collection is announced. High quality hand drawn art, with more than 500 traits and backgrounds added on 2 base characters, Human and AI, animate this collection, which is benefiting of Gamification, on the Plata Power Play-to-Earn, and also of monthly Airdrops. Made available to mint on Xoxno Marketplace with $eGLD and $PLATA – Twitter

The first Token Burn occurred. 94,159,265 $PLATA were removed from circulation, reducing the total circulating supply to 220,000,000

EGLD Community interview with the Plata Network founder – ReadTwitter

The Plata Network DAO is created on PeerMe to further empower the community

The first DAO proposal succeeded. 10,000,000 $PLATA are burned, reducing the total supply to 210,000,000 – Twitter

4,500,000 $PLATA are deposited in the DAO Vault

Q4 2022

Five additional NFT Collections are integrate in the Plata Power P2E, including the Drivers Generative Collection and several Cars from the Genesis Racing Collections – Twitter

$PLATA is integrated as a trade token on the Krogan Swap Marketplace – TwitterMarketplace

X-Day Tribute Driver is minted and offered to the community – Twitter

100,000 $PLATA transactions are processed on the MultiversX blockchain – Twitter

DAO Vault topped up to 20M $PLATA – Twitter

20,000,000 $PLATA are burned, reducing the total circulating supply to 190,000,000

Q1 2023

AI completes the artists creating the xPLATA Collection – Twitter

The $PLATA 1 Year xExchange listing Anniversary Coin is minted and offered to the blockchain community

The 22% and 29% high APR 365 days locked Staking Pools are open to share the $PLATA rewards to the delegators – Twitter

The Plata Network Twitter account is verified – Twitter

An xSafe is created together with GCC to further secure assets and strengthen the partnership – Twitter

The xPortal app-wallet is launched by the MultiversX Team – Twitter

The Drivers Generative, the GCC Droids and the Cyber Racers Collections are integrated into the xArena P2E – Twitter

$PLATA is integrated as a trade token on the Eneftor Marketplace – TwitterMarketplace

Plata Network joins One Dex offering instant token swaps and Dual Farms for LP Staking – Twitter

The first project ordinal text inscription is created on the Bitcoin blockchain

Q2 2023

Dual farm opening for $GCC on One Dex with rewards in $PLATA and $ESTAR – Twitter

10,000,000 $PLATA are burned, reducing the total supply to 180,000,000 – TXTwitter

Kroganverse Partner Integration – Twitter

SAGA Festival NFT Partner – Twitter

Q3 2023

Nyar messenger Partnership announced – Twitter