The Plata Power functionality is based on NFTs published by us, and our collaborations. The number of NFTs that you hold and their attributes combined are calculated to give your total Power, which is integrated into the Play-to-Earn game, offering you the possibility to further accumulate, and unlock different circuit zones as you gain experience. Race for $PLATA

Your Power Play-to-Earn

Deploy NFT Team

Earn $PLATA on the free-circuit zones and challenge other racers on the experience based ones, by deploying your NFT Team in Day 1 of the Race, and then your Boosters in Day 2 of the Race. Watch Demo-play and please read the Rules before advancing. Race for $PLATA

Demo-play Game Rules


The V8 (except Music), the xPLATA (except Anniversary Coin) and the The Drivers Generative Collections are integrated into the P2E, available to be deployed on the circuit zones if held in your wallet. Race for $PLATA

V8 xPLATA Drivers


The 911, E30DTM and the GT500 Collections complete the P2E integrated NFTs from Genesis Racing. Hand drawn. Race for $PLATA

911 E30DTM GT500


The original 1/1 NFT Racing Collection on MultiversX. Contains the first ever car sketch on a blockchain. Highly collectables. Hand drawn. Race for $PLATA

xSpotlight xoxno Market

Blockchain Solutions

ESDT Space has engaged and sponsored more quarters on several circuit zones, contributing to the prize pot for players and also to the game development. They offer secure peer-to-peer token swaps and several other blockchain solutions on MultiversX.


Take on Kroganverse with your Drivers as Captains of the Space Ships that can mine different resources, colonise planets, and discover the P2E galaxy.

Kroganverse Drivers