The Plata Power functionality is based on the NFTs published by us, and our collaborations. The number of NFTs that you hold, and their attributes combined are calculated to give your the total Power.

As your Power increases, your ranking picture and title are automatically adjusted. The Power is integrated in the Plata Power Play-to-Earn game, offering you the possibility to earn $PLATA, and unlock different circuit zones as you gain experience in the game.

The NFT Army represents the total number of NFTs that you hold, while Stamina, Engine, Speed and the others are calculated based on the attributes of the NFTs that you hold. The $PLATA and $GCC bonus are activated if you hold these tokens in your wallet. This functionality is developed together with ERDNFT, and it will be constantly updated as the project evolves, to further enhance your experience.

NFT Collections integrated in Plata Power P2E

xPLATA xSpotlight | Explorer

Drivers xSpotlight | Explorer

V8 (except Music) xSpotlight | Explorer

Genesis Racing xSpotlight | Explorer

Genesis – 911 xSpotlight | Explorer

Genesis – E30 DTM xSpotlight | Explorer

Genesis – GT500 xSpotlight | Explorer